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tv   Fox 8 News at 9AM  FOX  September 19, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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happy monday hope you're doing a rain and a good start to youroi weekend and major developments after an explosion in new york city in thent package containing five suspicious devices in new jersey. and we have the latest and happy and how this could be connected t in the ashland case with a t man accused of killing three people to latest at a court appearance whichla happend this morning and also, had h th. of local high school soccer team takes on a viral challenge and see their skills asnd we invite th tried that live on airth in deal of them bouncing and i said heads up because they are found to miss soccer balls its is jut incredible to see. we have followed that and many people are supporting these young kids let's look at the forecast on this monday and whai a great weekend. >> this is fantastic about the best forecast which you could possibly have this time of the here and temperatures in the 60s right now and 69 at hopkins 66 in akron, canton and
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followed factor out there this morningti almost piece soup fog quarter of a mile or yes less in youngstown that copy number is expected to live as those moved to moved to come out bright and in thee lower 80s today in any leftover call cover will gradually dissipate here which are going to the south in a scattered showers noontime temperature 78? and sunny and warm at either hundred 81 and a clear and nine need to. coming back the eight bit others detailse as we head into the first day of ball in the first weekend of foam. the last weekend of summer this weekend on. >> okay, thank you for reminding us i guess i didn't soak it up as much as i should have. thank you. we begin this morning with ricky news eight very busy morning for
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passion grandson half of an hour at the first one was at 4:00 at the east distinction those would-be robbers through the front window is stillh tried to figure out ifs they cut what thy were after at thisou time in the next one was that the title loans on euclid avenue and a minivan smashed into that building they found that atm in thed parking lot in those rappes got away in ase black suv and nt the same time someone attempted to s get into the family dollart ease 121st st. in first street in through the security gate that they did not have much luck in family dollar at east 74th is also hit again the would-be robbers did not get what they were after in that case. just for them last night alone. wow.
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that the thing happened at. also break in this morning a package containing five type round was found outside of a trend i spent in.ou the morning, everyone law-enforcement law-enforcement says a blast in new york and new terrorist act they now have a suspect in this explosion and they are actively searching for him take a look at his picture released by nypd the 28 -year-old is consider armed and dangerous and is being sought in connection with the bombing in new york city on saturday. he was born in afghanistan but wash last known address is elizabeth new jersey. that is without accpac was found with five explosive devices last
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out into the device it had exploded. the mayor of the elizabeth has run 9:30 last thing to memo pocket when they found a package in the trashcan that looked in there and found wires in a pipe could trap could dropf the package on the other side of the train trestle and walked to two police a caught in the bomb squad from sin and a drone which verified it could be a hum a robot took at the explosion they are now showing contained as many as five amtrak and new jersey train service has and suspended in the area. s the residents and businesses have been evacuated. there is no residential housing in this immediate area. so there are no resistance been threatened in theer best this is happening evacuated. >> sources say the fbi agents arrested by men who may be connected to saturday's
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stopping there are in brooklyn lastn name it is believed they were headed to the airport they are now in question at headquarters in manhattan. we just got a want to alert on the beaumont meant to go one in a suspect to give you an idea that is 40 minutes from you this elizabeth new jersey in that area so they are trying to see if these are connect. >> sure there are so busy. and now, thank you so much we appreciatend it. and make when high school to have extra security on hand for classes today after an employee discovered some teamay bad it was a threat written in a bathroom stall friday night and we will show it to you right here which made reference to the columbine r shootings was immediately reported to the lakewood police in the districtl says they will call and schedule them as safety is their top priority in the investigation right here any moment information on whom could have redness in the bathroom stall then threat is asked to call te lakewood police because they are
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after an officer involved shooting in the city of akron he pulled an assault rifle on themd the officers were initially called to her home on florida avenue aty about 3:30 yesterday afternoon and a fight between fight between neighborsrs repord and investigators a one man have his army's land in a car door and after the altercation thatn let police to a dance with act and was. he drove preached them for that assault rifle in the officers yelled to stop in not just the weapon and at that creation. assault rifle out and turned rent than he had nothing else to dog but to fire shots at these suspects. teach what that man was shot in the stomach and later died at the hospital. thedi names of the suspect and officer have not yet been released at the officer we are told has been with the t department for almost two years and is on paid administrative leave. >> a man accused of killing threee people just pled not guilty. the 40 appeared in for his first arraignment this morning.n
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him on tuesday after a woman called 911 and said she wassa being held captive when police arrived they found the bodies of his dc stanley and elizabeth. and they say they were then led to w a third by the enrichment county and they are investigating this possible connection to the two other this case will not be sent to a grand jury and we will be back in court next thursday.nd a representative home opener for the cleveland bruins after originally takenve a big over te baltimore ravens. has bruised lung he got hit in the nick at hand and then headache and it wast about a foot-. definitely taking his poll as things went south in the second half in the offense looked great up until thatat second-half. he had two touchdowns in the beginning we were up 20-0 but unfortunately we could not come back and? in the game 25-20-20.
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we have to do some soul-searching this week and find a way to finish the game. because that is what is is going to come down to.w we had a big lead in the first half which is, these games are so close, you see a game that's a team gets loan on. this will likely be here if he cannot go coty takes naps. working hard in case he ise unavailable we hope to get updates on these of whom went to the hospitalwh and we hope to get those updates later on today when they come in below that you knowo played man i-miami.ay so someone is going to win. all right, the indians hope to make it to theth playoffs despie devastating injuries. the status and the magic number in to you still think you could do it despite these injuries we will take all of your comments coming up next if you need a little pick me up on this
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which song was ranked at the most the song of all times. i love there, lots of fun here today, these temperaturests warm and it is going to be a fantastic forecast into the weekend and we will show you these details and much more
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are you looking for a good way to kick off europe week apparently this is the song to listen to the most feel-good song ofl- all time based on a scientific study. this has all the elements to take that title at thent templea major tea, happy happy lyrics. okay. does that make you happy. >> yes. a good i like walking on sunshine. >> that is a good one to thought that would be mine. or a bright, bright sunshiny day i feel good. all right, after a rough week and for the indians, the magic number remains of seven after losing to thenu detroit takers s bad now, an rbi single to the tigers as they openedi this feed
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causes try to make it a game in the sixth.y solo shot 32nd home run of the year. i bet 10 in 6-by tigers and then it did not work they closed the door in the ninth at three run shot the leadtime with a when. >> and he is out for the year with a broken right hand. do you see that falk is right there. in the meantime, salazar right forearm is expected to miss the rest of the season look a three-game series against the royals tomorrow nightam and you hate to the see this when we are doing so great. oh, boyy and doom and gloom on social media on saturday people saying that is a no chance for world series. a when you lose your starters like that, but, you know, we have overcome a lot michael has something for us all year and we have scored a lot of runs. teachers have stepped up in the
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their heavily a playoff run coming especially without magic number. could they go to the series. when that be awesome. >> it is not doom and gloom yet. we have> just a positive. come on. yes, he broke his pinky finger he says i could honestly tell you know, are they going to make it to the world series without corey cooper whom is such a east with his pitching took there is still a chance to make the world series. he says if he is extended attempt that may be all she wrote for a trip to the world series. they say if the indians are near the playoff in he gets demoted and now they are injured, he they say at this ridiculous they have not even updated this come up that was. we know he is out for the rest of the year and stephen says he only pitches every fifth game although it hurts he is not ready to throw in the titlele g. they are breaking out at the worst time they say and so it begins.
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they want to know what you think can the indians get past their injuries to make a playoff run info p on line we have the resus and your comments coming up in a few minutes. i think that they could. i we do have some good teens out there. ander our starters at least a great starters. and you know, that's what helps us down the line. they got a shot. hopefully. we shall all you print out see how things are shaping up weatherwise.w >> anybody keep that. >> i do not have one but effective i would have the boat in the water. we know that he has onen until december that is usually when he takes the boat out of the water. anyways it is a running joke in the two of us. he usually takes it out the first big winter storm he is out
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but if elected in, a great day out on lake erie or just to be out and about weather is expected for several days in a row.a the weights are to peta when last so great for votersrs in sherman alike. sures people. water temperature is 72? currently out there ats the harbor. still nice warm water authors 69 in cleveland 66 in cleveland 66 in akron and state in the 70s with the upper 60s down at huntington. soggy air tropical dew points. at that dry air is just to the west and we are going to settle in rightht here. that coupled with warming temperatures should mid-begin to mitigate this dense fog which has formed it well inland akron and claim can think whatever mail's ability in the youngstown, they are are and and aid them a mile or so, with
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it down at the 10 at the airport. 70 mbit per crane crying out 63 insulin and 65 in canton and 63 bainbridge and appalled and middlefield from outer space we have a radar with heavy rain s falling washington right up into new york and new jersey and precisely what they do not need their right now with everything goingi on obviously, up in new york and new jersey, high-pressure coming and stays in through tonight and tomorrow do not like that ~) continue it comes through withom little fanfare. you could draw this in as a trough. morning patchy fog dense fog gives way to generous assignment and you need to your shades for sure anyone and mostly clear and cool and quiet in nighttime low near 60's inland. an unseasonably warm tomorrow
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average toasty temperatures last took to the week although paul begins on thursday, we are into the 70s on saturday and sunday with this going through and may be a passing on saturday. some computer models, looking for quite a bit of rain all week from tomorrow.t so, we may be makingo a in the precipitation department. we are still running over an inchere into order month of september. for the summer are we okay. >> cell and moderate drop. they have skewed these numbers the other way. i need that rain so i can. the line. things look so gorgeous behind you all of those moms and everything. that color is just gorgeous. >> and that is always such a beautiful tab four of it is
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thank you we would like to invitek you to show our second. we are painfully 60s and when you know euros; fish at night. on the busy all that money race close to the apl nine people hurt after a man goes into the mall all starts eating people. who claims calling the police on a child. i now my imam called the officer on her own three-year-old daughter and local high school soccer team, check it out going viral.c find out how the years-help you really use their heads taken on this team challenge it is awesome video but the coldest part is the guys in the studio they just walked in. happy to seem them and introduce you to them that is coming up. the opportunity for everyone to explore
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back in 2013 the street focuses on whether chris christie knew
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about the plot in the philadelphia eagles remained seated during the national anthem before the football game against the chicago bears on the latest mounted join the quarterback collin m combe is refusing to stand in protest brutality. and malcolmbr jenkins said they did not protest during last week's game against the bruins because at that 9/11 anniversary make residential candidates are anymore. clinton and when donald trump will be back in ohio and a big honor for a hall of famer to the dedication him what he thinks about this. that is when we come back.hi all right temperatures are well into the 70s and lower 80s and gorgeous weather map bad by cleveland standards highs in the lower 80s in the full forecast details and eight day you do nt
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we should you use a couple weeks ago.o. after nearly two dozen tries they got it. my grandmother they can. it certainly harder then at looksa it does not stop one locl soccer team from attempting this incredible feet.o good morning. welcome. let's wait hi to everybody at school.we we have to give a shout out to your s principles and teachers because right not normally you would be in school.. >> you are actually bouncing the ball off everybody first trite you made or not so much we probably tried for an hour and a half.
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thought i'm not going to quit now i know you can do need is kept going until you got our mission coach. >> did you think it was going to go. c it was that when you watched it there..i you're the only freshman on theh team. how did i come to theeot as opd to the tallest guy. do you want to try even practicing throughout the entire shots he almost got it. let's try. will get youo gothirr will let you do it. attack lot talent we are on life tv. and we have a little counter
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will give you a couple tries. one more before we have to go to break.k. we could take this straight into the noon show.
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beautiful day on the north coast aj said you could picture boating.oul it's a great day. they shall day to start the t workweek. you have a sad update to bring you a high school teacher who is serenaded by hundreds of students has died after having cancerers more than 400 students showed up outside of his home sing songs of worship. they made the trip and sing tong him as he watched from the window. he passed away on fridaye w a nw report has found that pediatric cancer deaths are declining they also found brain cancer is the number one f cause of cancer ovo all the death ratev that we'reha
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likely resultedhe in the increae in survivors. it may seem like an extreme measure calling the police on a three -year-old little girl a th had to take the drastic measuree to take to teach her daughter about seatbelt safetytyt but thb momu decided that be reinforcedhe she called polie from scottsdalell who were more than happy to come back route i knew by hear from a police officerew that like his respecti knew that was going to drive the point homekn the strategy really
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will always her seatbelt oned se students across the country can no longer usetu the dogs eat tht homework because third teacher they spentning anyny two extra hours a day in the class some proof great that of those performance and that's thc research is on proof that homework and student and purse student improvement for student performance.ur you have to stress and go insidg io am three hours for their homework this give a tenrs mini of homeworkn for each grade levl can help they will assess the no homework policy at the end of
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ridesharing app just came out because of things the car ownership will come to an end becausecau it will be cheaper over is talking about the same thing in pittsburgha hw long is too long something we know the perfect amount ofhin time that you can stare at someonee roof i couldo
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this is like funny. because they had the emmys last night there are staring at the stars there is staring at the camera thrown he liked me because his the patient was the one that matters.cauau she won her fifth can set second emmy. the big night for hpl broke theb
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series. talking about the transgender community. jimmy kimmel had some great jokes. he's veryry y.ji us all couple clubs this morning.l c right now it's absolutely sensationalab stuff what a greag states.ra fifty points are coming down is feeling is that more comfortablr web temps camera time lapse down
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little stuffy.hat that will do nothing more than shift the winds or maybe producing high-level clouds.he that's the closest really patchy fog is mixing out who's really dense this morningog down ando
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call and quiet wednesday light and variablelec unseasonably wa. nothing but sun. that rest of the week mid- 70s that's still above normal for thisll time of year the average high is 73 degrees. looks like the best chance will be a week from tomorrow. the extended plains to be outside in which you need to be
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almost completed the challenge on my tv.y up next we will try it again.
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we are one nation under god. that black and white, we are one nation indivisible. that republican and democrat, we are all americans. i'd like to punch him in the face. you know what they used to do to guys like that? they'd be carried out in a stretcher, folks. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. priorities usa action is responsible
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a great start to the morning a great start to the workweek justj outside across the wayu beautiful. what ifif
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one of the students at herh school his father's estate to killed on i 90edrer so were all wearing wearing school and support to show support we know you a guys arear there for that student, no doubd going so much our thoughts and prayers are with the entire
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watching it. i don't know how to explain it.k they sets defined on the face and we can get tried to help o just expanded out. try to lost the ball. we've got like a minute and a half. we're going to try this.
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there could be like a p.m. tonight.t. have a great day. da we was see you back your
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